About Us

The purpose of this organization is to further the following objectives:
  • To improve the quality of life for all Puerto Rican students at the
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • To promote Puerto Rican culture on campus through social and welcoming
  • To increase the enrollment of Puerto Rican Students at MIT through
    active recruitment at MIT, at our homes, or whenever the opportunity
    arises to bring students to MIT.
  • To work in solidarity with other minority student groups or any other
    group which seeks our support


Executive Board 2015-2016

The executive board may be contacted at apr-request@mit.edu


Armando Fadhel ’17


Andrés Náter ’17


Sebastián Toro ’17


Erica Santana ’18

Social Chairs

Kathleen Guerra ’18
William Rodríguez ’18

External Liaison

María Elena Roldán ’17


Cena a las Seis 2014

Cena a las Seis 2014

Christmas Dinner 2013

Christmas Dinner 2013

IM Volleyball Champions 2014!

IM Volleyball Champions 2014!

APR @ Gillian's Island en Guánica, PR

APR @ Gilligan’s Island en Guánica, PR

APR Alumni @ IM Basketball

APR Alumni @ IM Basketball

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